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NEWS - 12-2-18

We live in Anchorage Alaska and are recovering from the 7.0 earthquake that happened on Friday, November 30. We’re okay. Home’s are still standing. Cleaning up everything that was knocked over will take a while. A lot of people will be off on Monday as buildings are being inspected for damage. Just thankful that we’re still alive.

Some things that I’ve thought about during this event. Safety of people, loved ones, friends and fellow employees. The safety of data. Both at work and for Section 9. The availability of people. Are the right people going to be available when you need them.

The earthquake was a big event. Getting an organization back up and running could take days if not weeks. Something to think about.

NEWS - 11-11-18

The CIS Critical Security Controls have become our new focus. We believe this is the true path to a secure organization. We’d like to have our own refined process for implementing all 20 controls.

We haven’t forgotten our other projects. This one has just taken over at the moment.